5 Factors to Consider Before Designing a Website

Web design can be defined as a set of procedures that go hand in hand in the development, production and maintenance of a website or websites. The type of website to be designed highly depends on the traffic and purpose. Highly visited websites like Lovedrobe require more work in designing as compared to lowly visited websites.

Before designing any website, different factors have to be considered so as to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the website. The following tips by the experts at this market research agency are the most common factors each and every web designer and user should consider.


Tony Absola a marketing consultant for a medical spa milwaukee company and this botox orland park clinic recommends “If your sole reason is to market your business and products, always ensure that your new website is a step further than your competitors. A perfectly designed website with an easy to use interface will always attract more visitors hence boost your business.”

-Collection of Data and Information

It’s every website owner task to collect the right type of information from their website so as to easily run their website. Make sure that, the new website has been designed in such a way that you can easily collect and store information in the website databases at no extra strain. The website should also allow visitors to post comments, events and images which you can filter if need arises.

-Purpose of the Site

Mary Kate runs the marketing for this storage manchester business and these bristol surveyors that specialize in roller compaction for dry granulation and other services and says “This is usually the primary factor to consider. It helps the developer and the website user pinpoint the exact format the website should take. In situations where the purpose of the web is to market a product or a business, factors such as email support should be considered.”

-Scalability and Diverseness

If you plan to start on low budget website, you should consider the scalability of the website. The website designed should perfectly allow the addition of extra pages without redesigning the entire website. This in turn will save you money and time. You may also consider translation services to help engage potential clients from an international audience.

-Type and Size of Images

Clair W. sells turf online and notes “Majority of websites nowadays highly rely on images to convey their messages. If you plan to use your new website (s) for promoting business products, then make sure that the correct theme has been installed. Different images require different themes so as to appear as clear and fitting as possible.”

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